Greening Your Boat

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Your Yacht

Most small marine craft are monohull motor boats meaning that their propulsion system is powered by an internal combustion engine (or engines) running either on gasoline or diesel fuel. By virtue of its operation, an internal combustion engine emits exhaust gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) which is an atmospheric heat trapping gas implicated with global warming. Anthropogenic atmospheric emissions have also been linked to the level of acidity exhibited by seawater.

The carbon footprint of a yacht is a measure of the impact the operation of the vessel has on the environment and is measured in kilograms (kg) of CO2 equivalent (CO2e). In other words the higher the carbon footprint of a boat the more environmentally unfriendly is the yacht. Predominantly, boat CO2 emissions arise from onboard energy utilisation. Apparently, calculating and reducing the carbon footprint of your boat can have a positive impact on climate change. Whatsmore since carbon dioxide emissions are tied to fuel consumption, lowering fuel utilisation directly translates in reduced operational costs. Collectively, even small reductions in heat trapping gases can help lower the global levels of CO2, hence, mitigating the environmental burden of the recreational craft sector.

As an added benefit the yacht owner improves the environmental signature of his/her boat. Surging oil prices, climate change and more stringer environmental legislation have all converged to make environmentally friendly yachting as attractive as ever. The process of calculating the energy signature (and the carbon footprint) of a boat commences with an energy audit by Tropida Marine, in collaboration with Energy Sequel. To find out how we can measure the carbon footprint of your boat please see our carbon footprint brochure.

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Going Carbon Neutral

Once we calculate the carbon footprint of your yacht the next step is an energy dissection diagram which tracks the sources of energy utilisation. Next, we identify all sources of energy losses. Subsequently, we issue a report detailing the yacht total energy utilisation, under normal operating conditions and, most importantly, we suggest recommendations as to how to lower the carbon footprint of the vessel and how a yacht can be converted into a “green” yacht.

If the owner/charterer of the yacht commits him/herself to reducing the carbon footprint of his/her boat a Carbon Footprint Eco-Label is issued by Energy Sequel. Carbon neutral yachts offset all their emissions meaning that they are completely environmentally friendly as they generate zero emissions. Confident that our carbon footprint solution can benefit yacht owners improve the environmental the image of their yacht, we waive any fee for the unlikely scenario that investments/modifications in lowering carbon footprint outweigh fuel savings. Tropida Marine is the first company in Cyprus to offer carbon footprint services. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation and an onboard visit.

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