Pre-Purchase Surveys

As its name implies a pre-purchase survey is conducted by a surveyor, on behalf of a client, prior to buying a boat to help the potential buyer mitigate any risks and make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the acquisition or not. A pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive inspection of the boat intended to assess the structural condition of the vessel and her equipment. In order to assess the structural condition of the hull the boat, if not already dry docked, is temporarily hoisted out of the water using a crane and inspected in-situ. For the purpose of gaining access to otherwise difficult to reach areas and/or equipment some degree of dismantling is usually necessary during the inspection. Assessing the hull condition of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) boats requires removing a number of patches of coating at certain space intervals. The pre-purchase and the pre-sales surveys are non-destructive tests meaning that no component gets damaged during the evaluation process.

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A sea trial, for the purpose of verifying the performance of the boat, and her systems is also included as part of the inspection. During the pre-purchase survey hull structures, equipment, and mechanical and electrical systems are inspected. An indicative list of the category of systems includes, but not limited to:

o  Propulsion and steering systems 

o  Anchoring and mooring gear

o  Electrical installations

o  Navigation lights

o  Lifesaving aids

o  Galley and accommodation units

o  Rig

o  Electronic and navigation systems

o  Firefighting equipment

o   Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC)

o   Watertight hull subdivision

      Tropida Marine offers expert opinion to clients contemplating buying a powerboat or a sailing yacht. The inspection, which could take a day to complete, culminates in a written report detailing the condition of the vessel as well as any defects. Typically, the survey is accompanied by a set of recommendations for the improvement of the boat termed as: a) immediate and b) short- and long-term amendments. Depending on the value of the boat, the cost of the pre-purchase survey could vary but the risks of buying a second-hand boat without expert insight can outweigh by far the pre-purchase survey fee. For a quote without any financial obligation please contact us                

      See also the pre-sales surveys.

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