Registration of Small Craft

According to Cyprus Merchant Law all recreational craft should be either registered with the Register of Cyprus Ships or with the Register of Small Vessels. The former vessels are permitted to sail in national and international waters while the latter craft can only sail in the territorial waters of Cyprus. Boats whose overall length does not exceed thirteen (13) meters (or ≈43 feet) cannot register with the Registry of Ships and, therefore, must be registered in the Register of Small Vessels. Notably, failure to register a boat constitutes a criminal offence.

If buying a new or second-hand boat we can take care of the registration or transfer of your vessel to the Cyprus Register of Small Vessels. Together with the transfer of ownership when the craft uses a mobile radio station the radio license needs to be registered to the new owner.


Moreover, according to Cyprus’s legislation, all high speed vessels[1] which operate in Cyprus waters should be furnished with a valid circulation license. For this purpose “Category A” craft, that is, high-speed small vessels of private use dedicated exclusively for entertainment, ought to be inspected every five (5) years for the issuance of a valid license. “Category B” craft, that is, high-speed small vessels of public use, made available by their owner for a fee require yearly inspection.

For your peace of mind Tropida Marine, in consultation with the pertinent Governmental bodies, can take care of the:

  • Registration or transfer of ownership of a small craft to the Cyprus Registry for Small Vessels
  • Issue or transfer of ownership of the license of a mobile marine radio station
  • Register or renew the circulation license of “category A” and “category B” small craft


Competitive pricing is offered for all services. For more information please contact Tropida Marine.

[1] A high speed vessel is defined as a mechanically propelled water craft of a length not exceeding fifteen (15) meters which can attain a speed of at least fifteen (15) knots.

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