Small Craft Training Courses

Advanced Training Course on Motor Boats

The majority of small craft are powered by an internal combustion engine (or engines). Screw propellers constitute the main propulsion device. With the advent of modern navigation systems and sophisticated onboard systems motorboats operators require a specialist skillset in order to make the best of their boating experience. Knowing the principles of operation of dozens of systems is a demanding task. For this purpose dedicated knowledge, beyond the basics, is particularly valuable especially in the open sea. Maintaining and caring for your boat is critical for reliable, efficient and smooth operation. Dispelling popular misconceptions is key to becoming a seasoned sailor. 

Taught by experienced naval architects with profound understanding of boats and their systems the Advanced Training Course on Motor Boats is the first of its kind in Cyprus. The course combines both practical and theoretical lessons covering:

  • Design characteristics of modern boats
  • State-of-the-art propulsion systems
  • Auxiliary equipment such as pumps, anchoring systems, etc.
  • Principles of operation of internal combustion engines
  • Modern coating systems 
  • Green boating
  • Contemporary navigation systems
  • Boat manoeuvring and control



Advanced Training Course on Sailing Yachts

The art and science of sailing is unique in that it combines terminologies and knowledge from several areas including meteorology, physics, materials science, fluid mechanics, naval architecture and others. In fact, nowhere is more apparent that in sailing the need to integrate so diverse information. Unless a sailor understands the fundamental principles it is nearly impossible to make the most of the sailing experiences by becoming a valuable crew member of a sailing yacht racing team or an experienced skipper.

From our experience, sailing school graduates lack the fundamental knowledge that will allow them to become seasoned sailors. Our advanced training course on sailing yachts blends practical sailing sessions and theoretical classes designed to fill exactly this gap. It is tailored made for the needs of competent sailing crews wishing to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the sailing principles. A sample list of the topics we cover include:

  • The physics of sailing, e.g., centre of effort, lateral resistance
  • Optimising sailing speed
  • Stability characteristics of sailing craft
  • Sailing under rough weather
  • Seakeeping
  • Advanced engineering materials for modern sailing yachts
  • Performance sails and ropes

For more info and registrations you can contact Tropida Marine.

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