Speedboat Operator’s Licence

According to Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping legislation (regulation 13(1), P.I. 121 of 1999) any person who has completed the age of 18 and holds a valid learner’s licence can apply to become a licensed operator holder. Analogous to a car driving licence, the speedboat operator’s licence is compulsory for anyone, apart for some exceptions, handling a speedboat .   

An individual wishing to obtain a speedboat operator’s licence must succeed both at a practical and a written examination. Exams are administered by a number of nautical clubs approved by the Minister of Communications and Works. The practical part of the exam takes place onboard a speedboat provided by the nautical club. Theoretical exams cover a wide spectrum of topics from the pertinent legislation, mooring, onboard equipment, mechanical equipment, navigation systems, contingency planning, night cruising, etc.

Anyone interested in obtaining a speedboat operator’s licence can benefit from attending relevant classes. If interested please contact us and we can refer you to sailing and speedboat schools and trainers active in this area. Tropida Marine offers advanced small craft training courses on sailing yachts and power-boats.

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